I’M shona davison

Autistic Educator and Advocate

Helping You Learn & Forge Your Path

Autism Educator and Speaker

Offering an autistic perspective informed by lived experience and academic understanding.

Autism Researcher

I’m an autistic academic. My current research about autistic parenthood is a new field of study.
Parenting Autistic  Children

 It is possible to be HAPPY

Looking at autism on the media and searching on the internet can leave parents of autistic children feeling frightened, unhappy and worried for the future.

There are so many fallacies and misconceptions all over the internet that it would be difficult to come away from that research not feeling like you are all doomed, your children will be forever unemployed and they need training to be ‘normal’ for them to have any hope.

I can help you see a different perspective about autism to the usual narrative. Autistic people can be happy. 

Different perspective

Latest research and understanding

Environmental adjustments outweigh behavioural training

It is possible to be happy and autistic



I present informative talks about autism.

I speak to groups of autistic people, parents, professionals and academics. 



I research topics important to autistic people such as wellbeing and education.

My current research is about autistic parents.


I  help people understand about autism and autistic life

Teaching people about autism is my passion. Autistic interests can be useful!


I’m trying to make the world a better place for autistic people.

I’m a Woman’s Network member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


Shona is a captivating speaker discussing being an autistic parent and having autistic children. Informative, interesting and thought provoking.


Autistic Parent

Shona, huge thanks to you – and to all colleagues worldwide who are working so hard, with our allies  – to change that dreadful negative narrative around autism, & safeguard the lives of our young people.


Autistic Consultant

Shona spoke with great warmth, insight and knowledge about life as an autistic parent. She really shone a light into an area that isn’t spoken about often, hightlighting the stigma and judgement that autistic parents unfairly face, as well as outlining ways to support and empower autistic parents.


Autistic Speaker and Trainer

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