Autism and Disability Advocate

Woman's Network of the RCOG

Ensuring Women's Voices

I’m a Woman’s Network member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) where I champion disability across the whole college. The board has the role of ensuring that women’s voices are at the heart of everything the RCOG does. I also sit on the equality and diversity board which is responsible for ensuring that the college is compliant with the Equality Act and public sector equality duty.


The purpose of the RCOG is to:

improve women’s health and experience of obstetrics and gynaecology services
support and provide a resource for the RCOG to deliver a professional service that meets the needs and aspirations of women
support effective communication between professionals and the public

I’d love to hear people’s stories about their experiences of obs & gynae services as disabled or neurodivergent people.


About the RCOG Women’s Network

The RCOG Women’s Network is made up of 14 lay members and 3 clinicians from across the UK and meet 4 times a year at the College. All members have personal experience of obstetrics or gynaecological services either as medical practitioners or patients. They inform the College about issues affecting women during pregnancy, labour and birth, infertility, and gynaecological conditions through to the menopause and beyond.
As well as regular quarterly meetings, members sit on a wide range of committees and groups. The lay members work alongside clinicians and health professionals to provide a patient’s perspective to many aspects of RCOG activities. Selected for their wide ranging expertise in many different fields and their passion for women’s health, they help the College with the development of guidelines, patient information, training and education, and continuing professional development. They also raise subjects relating to other aspects of women’s health which members feel need specific consideration and lead their own projects.