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Frequently Asked

I'm an autistic adult. What book can you recommend for me?

Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults by Luke Beardon

Does autism acceptance mean medical conditions shouldn't be treated?

Too often recently I see tweets implying that autism acceptance means you don’t provide support or treat medical conditions.

Reminder: NT children are supported and have medical treatments.

That same support doesn’t always work for autistics so we might need different support.

Should autistic people mask?

The goal is for every autistic person is to be able to be themselves safely. I can take my mask off publicly sometimes so make a point of doing so.

I’m white, middle class and educated. Lots of privilege.

What is your approach to language and autism?

How you conceptualise autism affects your response to it.

If you see it as separate from the person, a negative appendage, you are more likely to want to get rid of it which leads to unethical treatments.

Identity first language (autistic person) tends to be used for positive parts of a person’s identity. So I refer to myself as an autistic person.

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